Luggage, no doubt, is an important company for a traveler and he never wants to lose his favorite luggage. What would it be if your luggage itself couldn’t lose you?

A giant company ForwardX Robotics brought a smart luggage ‘CX-1’ that has artificial intelligence is the “world’s first self-driving carry-on,” and it features a combination of facial recognition, auto-follow capabilities and object avoidance to keep your hands free while you’re walking through the terminal.

This four-wheel luggage with the camera limited to 170 degrees will always follow you. If you get out from the range anyhow, this luggage will find you through the help of an anti-theft wristband.

With a max speed of up to 7 miles per hour, this piece of high-tech luggage offers up to four hours of battery life on a charge, and it can also juice your gadgets using a built-in mobile charger. The company says the battery is removable, if you’re concerned about airlines cracking down on checking anything with Lithium-ion batteries.

This smart and loving luggage is going to hit the market this summer. Then it is hoped that you cannot consider your luggage as burden rather a confidant.